About The Animal Farm

An independently owned music company we offer a wide range of creative and business services to artists and songwriters.

We write, produce and mix records. We manage artists, bands and songwriters. We run an independent record label and a publishing company as well as a booking agency.

In short, we make music and take it to market, looking after the well being and interests of those involved, planning their careers and guiding them in the process.

The company has been in business for almost two decades.

The Animal Farm is owned by brothers Mat and Ville Leppanen whose careers started in 1992 as staff songwriters on Bob Grace’s Empire Music. Between 1996 – 2005 the brothers released albums and toured (with bands like Blink 182, Alkaline Trio, At The Drive-In, The Ataris, and Less Than Jake and many more) as members of punk band Snowdogs, signed to Victory Records US. In 2005 the Leppanens stopped touring to set up The Animal Farm. One of Mat’s career highlights was playing at Whisky A Go Go on the same stage where Van Halen had played decades earlier. Ville’s moment of zen was singing the Finnish national anthem in the England v. Finland World Cup qualifier at Anfield in 2001.

Mat and Ville are joined at the ‘Farm by a fine roster of writers/engineers/producers and back room staff who in terms of feng shui are located in the front room.

Cool Deeds aka Corporate Social Responsibility

The Animal Farm are proud sponsors of Imiria, a young girl from Zambia, and Orlin, a young boy from Honduras. Our financial assistance helps Imiria and Orlin get an education and health care, provides their villages with clean drinking water and helps their local communities get other necessary things which many of us in the UK take for granted.

We're involved with a charity project the sales of which (listen on Spotify) go into supporting the cancer ward at Guys Hospital.

We are the shirts sponsors for Blackheath Squash Club and give financial support to Amnesty. Why? Because thinking should be allowed.

We plant trees to offset what being in music for a living does to climate change. You, too, can help. Please do.

With experience comes the knowledge that in order to build a career in the “music business”, you have to accept that music comes before business. Literally. To get a sense of our ethos about the business of music, please listen to/read these interviews:

Interview on Amazing Radio

Midem Music Conference Interview "Artists need labels because they can’t do it all themselves and they need good people to help them with artistic development, as well. Teamwork is much more fun than trying to be an island."

MGTHB Interview "The only thing worth thinking about is this: the music business is based on songs and records. If you have a great song and a great record you can enter the ring and be a contender. If you don’t, you won’t get a career.”

MusicLawContracts Interview "Ask yourself: 'Would I do what I’m asking him to do if our roles were reversed?' It’s naive to expect people to work for the sheer promise of future earnings. It’s irresponsible to place impossible expectations on the shoulders of artists who are still finding out who they are."




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