Club Night

This year we are, again, hosting a showcase at The Great Escape. Little Brother Eli, Hana Piranha, Return To The Sun and Stillia are playing at The Fishbowl on Saturday 16th May from 7.30 pm

The Animal Farm Hog Roast, our club night, is always on the last Saturday of the month at Spice Of Life in Soho.

The next HogRoast is on May 30th and features the stellar talent of Casual Agenda, The Moth Lantern, France and Michael Sebastian.

It gives us a chance to look at new bands and put on FREE GIG so that bands don’t always have to pester their mates to buy tickets. A good gig is like a good mix tape enjoyed in good company. You coming?

At our events we tend to just put on bands we’re working with, but if you think we might be interested to work with yours, please tell us, using the form below. Please remember to include links to where we can see/hear you as well as your contact details.

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