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Artists often ask about the right strategy. I've only got one to offer: write really good songs. OK, there is another: make really good recordings of the really good songs.

After all, other people hear your songs as recordings. They don't hear what's on your mind. They only hear what comes out of the speaker.

Once you accomplish parts one and two of the Grand Strategy, be prepared to do every gig and opening of an envelope to show people your stuff. After all, most people in your city, let alone the country or the world, won't be where you are.

It's not their problem. It's yours. So be where they are. Go there time and time again. Show them what you have.

Some might not like it. Again, not their problem. They've already got their favourite band. As do you. Think: how likely is it that some of other band will replace your favourite band in your thinking? Exactly.

The same applies to your band.

Consequently, write a lot of really good songs and make really good recordings of them, because a recording of a song is the basic unit of currency in this business.

When times are good, it's because you're writing something that other people like. Keep writing. When times are bad, it's because you've not written anything that other people like. Write more.

People are discovering you all the time. That they might not be liking what they're discovering is fine. It's their right not to like it. It's cool.

Your right is to change their mind. You won't do it by shouting louder, by paying for more PR or by appointing a swell manager.

Your songs will do the work. Let them.