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Discovery Happens All The Time

Artists want to be discovered and the good news is that all of them are discovered every day. The painful news is that in most cases of discovery the discoverer doesn’t discover anything worth writing home about. Everyone’s heard a record that left them cold. Or walked out of a gig mid set.

So, in their frustration the band seek out a manager or a PR company, because it’s all about who you know, right? And money.

If money and contacts were the solution, every major label signing ought to be wildly successful. Major labels have a lot of money and great contacts.

The scene of emerging music seems to be a competition to be discovered. In my view, it puts the focus on all the wrong things. Perhaps it would be wiser to not compete, but focus on excellence instead.

It takes work and work means overalls, which don’t look cool. So, most people don’t want to wear them. As long as that is the case, the daily instances of discovery will continue to underwhelm the discoverers.