Remixer Extraordinaire: Funny How…

Funny How… did a brilliant remix of iremembertapes.’ forthcoming single All I Know. He also goes out as a solo artists under the name WellNorthOfWatford. Jaleh and Mr Funny, who is the spitting image of a guitar, incidentally, chatted thus:

1. How are you, what have you been up to lately?

I am very well, thanks for asking. I am a singer songwriter / producer and so I have been busy Christmas busking as ‘WellNorthofWatford’ in Manchester City Centre and started recording new demos at my brother-in-law’s home studio in Salford, as well as finding time for this remix.

2. How would you describe your style?

My style is best described as laid-back organic. I like space and contrast in my music whether that be my own tunes or remixing.

3. What equipment and software do you use?

I use Cubase 5, Shure mics, and the love of my life is a limited edition sunburst ‘Presley’ replica Takamine electro-acoustic called ‘Gloria’.

4. Your best achievement in the remixing field?

So far my best achievement in the remixing field is finding time to finish one!

5. How did you find remixing iremembertapes.? Any greetings you want to send to the band?

Remixing ‘All I Know’ was a rollercoaster. When remixing I use only the audio provided in the stems, which means lots of creative editing particularly when slicing up a drum track to create individual hits. It is time consuming, but I get greater satisfaction from building brick by brick rather than simply importing new samples. All I have to say to the band is greetings from Manchester and I hope they feel my interpretation gave their song a fresh identity without compromising the original.

Here’s the remix:
All I Know (Funny How… Remix) by irt-alliknow-remixes

If you like Funny How…’s work, we’re happy to pass his details on. Get in touch with Jaleh

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