A Class Act

As many regular visitors to the ‘Farm website will know I’m a massive squash enthusiast. I play competitively in Kent leagues and attend tournaments when I can. Life sometimes throws curve balls your way and one of those curve balls landed my way in the not too distant past when my love of squash and music put me in touch with James Willstrop, a professional squash player whose love of music and squash equals mine – in a parallel universes kinda way.

I had a hit with him this afternoon at my squash club. James is currently ranked 5 in the world, 2 in England. So, you know, he is quite a useful player. Okay, if you’re footie fan/amateur player and you get to have a training session with Wayne Rooney… get it? That’s the vibe of this thing here!!!

We went through a normal session with drills, condition games and match play. It was awesome!!! I couldn’t believe that one of the absolute greats of the modern game was on our crappy courts in Blackheath. There was a moment when I had to chuckle to myself when James was lining up  to serve. I’ve seen it happen on TV and in tournaments… and now the ball was flying at me! Of course, I buried the damn thing deep in the backhand corner, forced a weak boast from him, which I rammed into the front right nick. Well, that was my intention. Only, everything came back at me no matter what I did.

Sure, it was to be expected. Still, I’m showbiz enough to engage in serious self-deception to believe that he didn’t just LET me win the points I won…! I’m over the moon to have jammed with someone so good and super appreciative of having received guidance and pointers.

Meanwhile back in the music business we’re reading about how top artists are ripping off fans by charging ridiculous amounts of money for VIP packages that allow fans to hang out backstage at gigs and have a beer with their idols. What’s the opposite of class act? Someone who doesn’t even bother turning up? (Scroll down a little to get to the bit you want)

You’re a class act when you do stuff even when no one’s looking, when there’s no edge or advantage to be gained. You just do it for the hell of it. Because you’re a class act.

Here’s one in action. The guy he’s playing is not me, by the way… ;-)

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